Brush Ware

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Brisbane Industrial Agencies are able to supply your brushware requirements, including the following: wire wheels, cup brushes, wire brushes, polishing compounds, mops & buffs, decarb brushes, condenser tube brushes etc also brooms and bannister brushes.

            Wire Brushes and wheels can be used for many applications including:

Removing Rust or scale – Removing Weld Scale and Spatter – Burr Removal – Rubber Flash Removal – Deburring or Flash Removal – Cleaning and Finishing Recessed Areas – Rubber and Plastic Mold Cleaning – Spot Cleaning or Facing – Removal of Slag – Cleaning Castings – Cleaning Pipe I.D. – Cleaning of Dies – Pipeline Cleaning

knotted wire cupCrimped Wire Cup Brushes

Use Crimped Wire Cup Brushes on flat or irregular surfaces for light- to medium-duty brushing applications, and bevel buffing.

crimped wire wheel brushesCrimped Wire Wheel Brushes

Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes give excellent performance for deburring, removing rust, corrosion and dirt, or for surface preparation.

end brushesEnd Brushes

Used on die grinders to clean and debur the inside diameter of a tube or pipe or a recessed area. Can be either knotted wire or crimped wire styles.

hand brush2    hand brush      Hand Brushes

Ideal for removal of weld scale, rust, paint etc. Available in standard wooden handle or the heavier duty (higher wire density) plastic handle, in brass, brass coated or stainless steel.

knotted wire cupKnotted Wire Cup

Ideal for high impact cutting and cleaning on more demanding applications.

std twist knotStandard Twist Knot Wire Wheel

Suited for welding and metal fabrication applications such as removal of weld scale spatter, heavy rust or corrosion, surface roughening.

wire saucer cup brushesWire Saucer Cup Brushes

Saucer Cup Brushes are used for heavy duty cleaning of corners, recesses, and other hard-to-reach applications.


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