Brisbane Industrial Agencies carry a wide range of fasteners in both Mild Steel and High Tensile. We stock most standard sizes and are able to source hard to find products.
We also stock an extensive range of washers, rivets, nuts and other products for your fastener needs.











Generally speaking, metal fasteners are divided into 2 types: permanent fasteners, and non-permanent fasteners. Screws, nuts and bolts, rivets, retaining rings and clamps are examples from the first category. Non-permanent fasteners include quick-release couplers and clamps intended for removal at a specified time and pins, which allow relative movement of fastened parts.

Here are some advantages of both permanent and non-permanent metal fasteners:

Permanent fasteners:

  • Reduce damage to painted surfaces
  • Work better with surfaces that need to fit more closely
  • Eliminate corrosion usually associated with mechanical fasteners
  • Reduce panel “dimpling”
  • Fewer stress points from holes drilled to accommodate bolts and screws


Non-Permanent fasteners:

  • Connected materials can be shifted or changed
  • Worn or broken fasteners can be more easily replaced
  • Connections can be broken when needed

Metal fasteners must be strong to bear significant loads. In many cases they can be manufactured by powder metallurgical or casting techniques. Iron is a constituent of many types of metal fasteners, although titanium increasingly is coming into use in applications where strength must be balanced against light weight. In most applications where permanent bonding is required metal fasteners are replaceable by some form of welding or soldering.

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